By Fabiola Chirinos / June 7, 2017 
The Barcelona city beaches offer something for every beach-lover. Here we present five options for different types of visitors
By Fabiola Chirinos / May 19, 2017 
Discover Barcelona visiting our favorite places - the top ten attractions and sightseeing in Barcelona city.
By Fabiola Chirinos / April 18, 2017 
Although Gaudi’s birthplace remains unknown we can certainly state that his legacy is immortalized in Barcelona
By Fabiola Chirinos / February 3, 2017 
Barcelona is a city full of art. An art which has been an inspiration to both locals and visitors, and music is not an exception
By Fabiola Chirinos / January 12, 2017 
Barcelona is one of the preferred destinations for students when it comes to acquiring new knowledge and having a broader perspective
By Fabiola Chirinos / December 23, 2016 
It is delightful for a shopping addict to see an avenue full of shops. In Barcelona we are talking not only about a single avenue.
By SuperUser Account - en-US / November 24, 2016 

The top ten goals in the history of Barcelona Football Club;

from Maradona to Messi, Ronaldo to Ronaldinho. Relive the most magical moments on the pitch!
By Fabiola Chirinos / November 7, 2016 
If you like to travel and happen to be a book lover, Barcelona is the ideal place for you
By Fabiola Chirinos / November 4, 2016 
In such a diverse city as Barcelona, there are different options for every taste, specially, when talking about neighborhoods and accommodation
By Fabiola Chirinos / November 2, 2016 
Each and every corner in the Catalan capital has a story. Many artists have walked the streets of Barcelona, and have portrayed them in paintings, in written expressions and in architecture designs.
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