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Barcelona city blog - Day trips from Barcelona | Acomodis

We share our favorite places with you if you want to make day trips while you are in Barcelona
By Fabiola Chirinos
There is no greater pleasure during a holiday than taking short trips to any small town on the outskirts the city. Barcelona, in addition to hosting charming sites, is surrounded by places with such personality that they are worth a visit. Prepare a bag for the day, take the train and enjoy these charming destinations while you are in Catalonia.


A city of cobbled streets. It was once home to a large Jewish community, and today you can get to know the history at the Museu d'Història dels Jueus, or visit the Jewish Quarter, one of the oldest in Europe. Colorful houses are located along the Onyar River, providing a wonderful landscape for walking during the sunset. And if the history of the city does not offer enough grounds, the gastronomic options of the city could convince you. You will find delicious restaurants that specialize in Catalan food. Their dishes are so rich, that many visit the city just for their food. Among them, the Celler de Can Roca, which has been considered one of the top tree restaurants in the world. It will take you an hour by train to get from Barcelona to Girona.


There are many ways to get to it, but our favorite is to take the cable car. This mountain is considered a holy place, and has a magnificent monastery. It is the home of La Moreneta, a virgin whose image was found hidden away in the monastary. Specifically, in Santa Cova. Thanks to its height, Montserrat offers breathtaking views. If you visit during a weekend in the right season, you will have the opportunity to witness the l'Escolania de Montserrat children’s choir.


Museums and modernist buildings are situated along its streets. But for us, surrealism is what stands out in this small town. It is home to the Teatro Museo Dalí, a theater that the Catalan artist transformed into a surrealist palace. It is completely dedicated to the painter and you can find pictures and jewelry designed by him. After knowing the history of Dalí, it is worth going to see the Castell de Sant Ferrá, a military fortress dating from the eighteenth century, and which is consolidated as the largest monument in the entire area of Catalonia.


A destination for wine lovers. In the last two decades, this locality happened to become a producer of the grape beverage with international fame. Its products are exported to the United States, Italy and cities to the north of Europe. If you visit, join a guided tour and enjoy your day tasting the best distillates in Priorat’s own vineyards.

Vilanova i la Geltrú.

This coastal town is a destination to relax in the sun. It is a fishing and industrial village that offers pleasant walks along the sea. You can spend the day among its calm beaches, get to know its Museo del Ferrocarril (Railway Museum) or go from here to the neighboring town of Sitges, through a path next to a cliff. It is without a doubt our favorite destination to disconnect from the day to day routine and rest under the Mediterranean sun.