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Barcelona is a city full of art. An art which has been an inspiration to both locals and visitors, and music is not an exception
By Fabiola Chirinos / January 12, 2017 
Barcelona is one of the preferred destinations for students when it comes to acquiring new knowledge and having a broader perspective
By Fabiola Chirinos / December 23, 2016 
It is delightful for a shopping addict to see an avenue full of shops. In Barcelona we are talking not only about a single avenue.
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The top ten goals in the history of Barcelona Football Club;

from Maradona to Messi, Ronaldo to Ronaldinho. Relive the most magical moments on the pitch!
By Fabiola Chirinos / November 7, 2016 
If you like to travel and happen to be a book lover, Barcelona is the ideal place for you
By Fabiola Chirinos / November 4, 2016 
In such a diverse city as Barcelona, there are different options for every taste, specially, when talking about neighborhoods and accommodation
By Fabiola Chirinos / November 2, 2016 
Each and every corner in the Catalan capital has a story. Many artists have walked the streets of Barcelona, and have portrayed them in paintings, in written expressions and in architecture designs.
By Fabiola Chirinos / October 31, 2016 
The history of sport of Catalonia is filled with iconic moments. The symbiosis between the city and physical activity has existed since the 19th Century. The first sporting competition in Barcelona, a rowing race, took place in early 1821
By Fabiola Chirinos / October 28, 2016 
Barcelona has two official languages: Spanish and Catalan. The first, being the language spoken throughout Spain, and the second, for is the mother tongue of the Catalonian region.
By Fabiola Chirinos / October 26, 2016 
We are aware that packing for a trip can be boring, yet necessary. There is always something we want to bring along but must leave behind in order to pack lightly. Choosing what to pack may not be easy so we will give you some tips to make sure you bring the necessary things
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