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Calçots Season
Barcelona, España - en-US
Start  10/31/2016
End  03/31/2017

Join our gastronomic tradition in the calçots season

  • The calçots are prepared over burning embers
  • The diners must eat with their hands
  • It’s necessary to use gloves and a bib
  • It can be savored in rustic farm houses
  • They’re generally cooked in firewood furnaces
You can also get to know a city through your palate.Seize the opportunity and enjoy our gastronomic custom in autumn and winter!
The calçots season invites locals and visitors to enjoy our culture from the table.

Put on your bib, prepare your gloves and sit down to eat this delicious dish like a kid. An experience you cannot miss. Come! leave the familiar behind, and prepare to soak in this Catalan custom.
From October 31st to march 31st

Varies according to the restaurant

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One of the best gastronomic traditions in the Catalan capital begins during autumn; the calçots season. Locals prepare to enjoy the best taste at the table, while visitors enjoy a completely new experience.

It’s a tender, white and sweet onion prepared over burning embers, with coal or wood. It’s usually accompanied by a vino de tierra served in porrones, and romesco, a sauce made from ripe tomatoes, walnuts, hazelnuts and garlic. The perfect harmony!

The experience goes way beyond the flavors. The custom establishes that the diners eat the dish with their hands. Hence, to avoid undesired stains, you have to use gloves and prepare to enjoy the calçots.

The story is that the tradition began in Valls, Tarragona, when a farmer cooked the onion over the fire. When he realized it was charred, he decided to remove the outside, and discovered that the inside was edible. Come and soak in our culture, gastronomy and flavors.