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La Diada (National Day)
Barcelona, España - en-US
Start  09/11/2016
End  09/11/2016

The traditions are celebrated on Catalonia’s National Day

  • In 2014 was celebrated the event’s tercentenary
  • It commemorates the fall of Barcelona in 1714
  • It features musical performances and the castellers
  • Demonstrations and parades are performed
  • It is a tradition to bring flowers to the fallen martyrs
The Catalan capital commemorates a historic date with tributes to martyrs and heroes, with concerts and traditions in the city’s main squares
Like every year, Barcelona joins the celebration of the National Day of Catalonia with a programming honouring martyrs and heroes. The Spanish city’s own culture will be celebrated with traditions and music.

La Diada (National Day) starts with floral offerings that are usually placed at the monuments of Rafael Casanova and Josep Moragues. Concerts and different events will take place and some government institutions will open their doors to the general public.
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September 11, 1714 was the day when Barcelona fell to the Bourbon troops during the War of Succession in Spain. The Catalans had to give up much of their identity, including their culture and language.

Since 1886 the date is celebrated as the National Day of Catalonia. It is established as National Holiday to commemorate the martyrs and heroes who died defending the city. The celebration begins with floral offerings at the statue of Rafael Casanova by governmental organizations.

Different areas of Barcelona join the celebration with concerts, parades, demonstrations and other Catalan culture traditional acts, including the castellers. The main act is usually performed in the Parc de la Ciutadella (Ciudadela Park), where several music artists invited are presented by the Government of Catalonia.