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The BBVA League
Camp Nou, Barcelona - en-US
Start  08/21/2015
End  05/15/2016

Enjoy the excitement of football in La Liga BBVA

  • The highest rank in Spain’s leagues system
  • Real Madrid is the most prize-winning team (32 wins)
  • Barcelona is the second team with most wins (22)
  • The 85th edition is being currently disputed
  • Víctor Valdés, the best goalkeeper in the League
  • Champion 2015: FC Barcelona
  • Champion 2014: Atlético de Madrid
  • Champion 2013: F.C. Barcelona
  • Champion 2012: Real Madrid F.C.
Spanish football’s greatest face each other for obtaining the country’s most important title in la Liga BBVA
Come and experience the passion for football in the famous Camp Nou stadium. La Liga BBVA, the highest rank in Spain’s leagues system, continues to confront the country’s best football clubs.

Atlético de Madrid seeks to defend the throne while FC Barcelona, runner-up, fights to get the first place. Who will win?

Don’t miss the most exciting matches. Your favorite players will confront until late May. It's your chance to witness one of the most exciting events a football.
08/21/2015 - 05/15/2016

From 39 to 1,100 euros

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Spain already started the football season. La Liga BBVA’s 84th edition is being now disputed, one of the European country’s most important football leagues. 20 teams compete for the title. Do you already have your favorite?

La Liga BBVA or Spain’s ‘Primera División’ (First Division), has been held since 1928. Every year this sport’s fans gather to enjoy exciting matches among the moment’s top players.

Enjoy the experience live! Support your team in the stands of Spain‘s stadiums. Matches will take place up to late May, when on the field shall be decided who will be the 2014-15 season’s champion.